We have been bombarded by Melamine-contaminated milk product scandals lately. Unfortunately, however, other Chinese hazards lurk in all of our shopping centres, and they have received no press. Yet. 

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This horrifying article arrived in my inbox today ‘Click here’ to read about the poisons in kids clothes in NZ.

Remember this applies to all countries that import Chinese products.

Since my experience with the poisoned clothing I have been searching for safe cotton, with a particular emphasis on children's clothes, because they are so vulnerable. With a great deal of help from friends and colleagues, we have found a company that makes safe, gorgeous clothes for babies and young children. We recommend this organization wholeheartedly, and hope that you will do the same, as it is important to support ethical companies. His website is www.organicembrace.com.au

If you know of other people or companies who use Certified Organic Cotton in their products, please forward their details, as we would like to make a resource on my website of reputable companies, worldwide. 

Yours in good health

Elaine Hollingsworth

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