My Favourite Exercise: Whole Body Vibration

I call it the “jiggle machine,” and when I first heard about it I thought it belonged in the “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” category, but I was wrong.  Believe it or not, you just stand there and the machine goes for it! 

Originally, the concept was invented by the Russians to counteract the dramatic bone and muscle degeneration suffered by their astronauts during long periods in space.  It worked fabulously well, and the Americans soon copied it for their space program.  The machines were extremely expensive, of course, but fortunately private enterprise took over, adapted the technology, and eventually made them affordable for gymnasiums and private homes. 

Hippocrates Health Centre got one for experimentation in 2007.   What we discovered was amazing – we thought it would just help muscles and bones, but all sorts of unexpected health benefits showed up:  improved circulation, coordination, relief from prostate problems, incontinence, constipation, exhaustion and allergies.  Even spinal problems of long standing cleared up.   One of the most noticeable symptoms (and my favourite) when using Whole Body Vibration is a wonderful feeling of vitality caused by  oxygenation of the entire body.      
No one really knows what this machine is capable of, and in my opinion the sky’s the limit when it comes to physical problems it can help.   There is one strong caveat –  the market is now flooded with cheap imitations that do not have the correct action, or the high frequencies that are absolutely necessary for increased health and muscle building.   Some are downright dangerous.  Because of this  it is essential to only use machines that genuinely go up to 28Hz.  Many are incorrectly numbered up to 28, but do not correspond to true Hz.   So be careful. 

We have experimented with several machines and researched many more, and the only one we can now recommend is the HyperVibe.   We do not sell it, and absolutely do not have any financial arrangement with the manufacturers, or anyone who sells them.     

For more information on the HyperVibe machine please click here.

Yours in good health

Elaine Hollingsworth

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