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Today I have written some life saving information on the diagnosing and treating of skin cancer.

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Do you have a suspicious-looking mark or lump on your skin? Has it changed colour or shape? Are you concerned that it might be a skin cancer (BCC or SCC or Melanoma), or turn into one? If so, according to establishment medicine, these are your options:

Some dermatologists recommend this treatment but, as we all know, this is not a safe choice, as radiation is known to cause cancer.
Cutting into a suspicious lump, whether for biopsy or removal, is chancy. It’s safer to leave cancer cells undisturbed.
This treatment is unsafe, as it burns and blisters and can leave a hidden residue under the scarring, creating serious problems later.

3M Pharmaceuticals’ skin cancer “cure” is a favoured option for many doctors in our out-of-control medical profession. This is nothing short of criminal, because imiquimod (the main chemical in Aldara) has been known for 20 years to cause cancer. Further, it has become obvious since Aldara became widely used, that it can cause cataclysmic side effects: anaphylactic shock, irreversible autoimmune diseases, and even death.

How can it be that doctors, who take an oath to “first do no harm”, enthusiastically embrace this option? As is so often the case in the corrupt medical/Big Pharma establishment, just follow the palm-greasing, the perks and lovely cruises to tropical paradises. For exhaustive info on this outrage, see my Aldara story, starting on the Homepage of www.doctorsaredangerous.com.

How can you protect yourselves? Of course I cannot tell you, legally or ethically, what to do. I can, however, tell you what I, and lots of people I’ve observed, do. It’s simple, and it works a treat. We use a cream called Cansema, that has been used since before the time of Christ, to both diagnose and eliminate skin cancers safely. Be warned, however, that Cansema is illegal. The same governments that allow their citizens to be poisoned by Aldara have banned non-toxic Cansema.

This is the way it started in the Western world: hundreds of years ago, American Indians discovered this safe, natural cure for skin cancers, and used it for years before it was discovered by the white man. Their formula was nearly identical to the one used before the time of Christ.

Eventually, Alpha Omega Laboratories in the US made it available, and it was used with great success until one day the US Government (prodded by Big Pharma and the medical profession) raided the lab, destroyed all their stock, trashed their records, and jailed the owner. That was the end of this safe, vegetable cure for skin cancers in all English-speaking countries. This gave 3M’s Aldara open slather.

Fortunately, Cansema is available in Australia, and it can be shipped throughout the world, with the exception of Germany. That country is so under Big Pharma’s thumb that Germans are obliged to have Cansema sent to friends over the border and then smuggle it across. (It is government controls such as this that turns law-abiding citizens into criminals.) So, how do we get it, if we are in an English-speaking country, since it is illegal? Simple. We order it for our rottweilers, as they haven’t banned it for animals. Yet.

This was my experience with Cansema: a strange, small, slightly-sinister looking lump appeared on my arm. I suspected cancer, and wanted to diagnose it myself, to avoid a long wait for an appointment, a long drive, a tedious wait in the dermatologist’s office, his superior (I know it all, you know nothing, so don’t ask me any questions) attitude, a debate about his possibly dangerous methods, and an obscene bill.

For two years prior to discovering this mark, friends and colleagues had told me of their wonderful results with Cansema, so I felt confident, and ordered it. Careful instructions came with it, which I followed. First I put a thick dab of the salve on the suspicious mark, covered it with a Band-Aid and left it for 24-hours. I was told that when I pulled the Band-Aid off, if the mark looked much worse, and/or was inflamed, that would mean it was cancerous.

It was: it looked awful. So, I applied Cansema daily after cleaning the area with peroxide, and re-covering it with a Band-Aid. After three days of this treatment, when I pulled off the Band-Aid, the cancer stuck to it and popped out like a perfect little ball, leaving a small, pink, healthy-looking crater on my arm. I was delighted. There was no scarring and when I showed it to my GP months later, I was given a clean bill of health.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this treatment to everyone. It sure beats the alternatives, especially the deadly Aldara cream, which has the potential to kill you, or make you so sick that you will wish you were dead. (For more info on Aldara, see rbeas@cox.net and pass the info on to your doctor. If you find one who is brave enough or caring enough to spread the word, please let me know.)

We do not sell Cansema. If you want some, go to my website www.doctorsaredangerous.com and look for the photo of the rottweiller. Alternatively, email bevan@centreforce.com or visit www.centreforce.com or www.BlackSalve.biz or telephone Bevan Potter on (07) 4157-4262 in Australia, or 61-7-4157-4262 from overseas. But please remember that there is a HUGE time difference between Australia and most of the world. The following is on Bevan’s website and may prove helpful when ordering.

Please Note:
The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia have prevented Centreforce Australia from providing you with Cansema Salve treatment for Humans, until such time as the product has been included in the ARTG for human therapeutic use. Read History of Herbal Treatment for Cancer

Centreforce Cansema Black Salve is still available for Animals
Click here for Instructions

Although The TGA have prevented us from supplying Cansema Black Salve for Human Therapeutic use, the ingredients are the same and these instructions prevail for all Animals.

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